Entrepreneurial & Emerging Companies

For over 50 years, Brenner, Saltzman & Wallman has represented entrepreneurs and emerging companies, which gives us a unique appreciation for the challenges facing these individuals and businesses. In addition to general start-up and company formation needs, we assist clients in capital-raising transactions, product licensing, technology transfer, strategic alliances, sales negotiations, and tax strategies. Our high-technology clients—which include individuals and firms involved in wearable computing, new media, advertising technology, financial services technology, e-commerce, software development and software as a service (SaaS), wireless communications, electronics manufacturing, and biotechnology—know that we understand the sense of urgency in these areas. They rely on our quick response and our ability to help them pursue and capitalize on the special opportunities available in a fast-paced and competitive business environment.

BS&W is an entrepreneur’s law firm. We have consciously limited our size and tailored our client base to focus on family businesses, entrepreneurs, emerging companies and investors in entrepreneurial companies. This concentration allows us to form long-lasting and strong relationships with our clients and to gain an intimate understanding of their businesses, enabling value-added representation.

We are committed to providing emerging companies and their investors with sophisticated legal advice tempered by practical insight into their businesses.

  • Company Formation
  • Debt & equity capital-raising
  • Strategic alliances with major corporations
  • Licensing & technology agreements
  • Technology transfers from the non-profit sector, including universities
  • Debt and equity capital-raising transactions, including private placements.
  • Strategic alliances with major corporations, including General Electric, Ford, AT&T/USWest/MediaOne, Nortel Networks, Williams Communications, The Washington Post, and Pasteur-Mériux-Connaught.
  • Angel, seed, and venture capital financings.
  • Licensing, development and distribution transactions with major media and consumer products companies.
  • Technology transfers from the non-profit sector, including universities.
  • Employment agreements, employee incentive programs, and employee invention and non-competition agreements.
  • Technology development and licensing agreements.
  • Consulting and service agreements.

We treat each of our entrepreneurial and emerging company clients as an investment. We are committed to providing the best possible support and assistance in ensuring that the legal aspects of the growing business are properly structured to avoid mistakes that can prove costly in the long term. At the same time, we are sensitive to resource issues facing emerging companies, and we attempt to limit legal costs by leveraging our attorneys’ strong experience and practical business sense and by structuring billing so that our clients can obtain the services they need without creating an undue hardship during their critical growth stages.

Our firm is uniquely positioned to understand and address the special requirements of entrepreneurs and emerging companies, especially those in high-technology industries. Our mission is to deliver the personal, practical, sophisticated legal services our clients need to prosper in today’s fast-paced and competitive business environment.

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